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Infos & Tips

Your mobile phone unlocking company France and International offers you this section to avoid unpleasant surprises when unblocking your phone.
Many mobile phones have a limited number of attempts to validate the unlock code that you will receive following your request. However, it can happen that the code does not work for many reasons (firmware, model of the phone, too many attempts …).
  • That the smartphone must be blocked at an operator
  • The accuracy of the IMEI number. It must be indicated to check if it is not stolen or black-listed
  • No malfunction of the device (touch screen, battery, ignition button, SIM card reader …)
  • That there is not already an unlock code communicated by the operator following the failure of a previous request.
  • The attempt counter, to be certain to be able to enter the unlock code
We offer you some tips to check all this by doing the following:
  • Remember to turn on your phone with another SIM card, except the one you used, on the same phone and look good if he still asks (the network unlock code, network unlock code, Sim network pin code …).
  • For SONY XPERIA: type: * # * # 7378423 # * # * then on Info service, then Sim lock, if you find on the first line a cross in the form of the letter (X) and a number …. This means that you have the option to unlock your phone, otherwise do not try to place your order, we will not be able to refund you.
  • For BLACKBERRY: By introducing an unsupported SIM card, it will show you, after restarting the phone, the number of remaining attempts to unlock your phone, if not, you are obliged to use it with the operator. origin.
  • For IPHONE: Verify that you have the login credentials of the icloud account and if it is enabled. Unlocking an iCloud account is now possible, but very expensive.
  • For Nokia LUMIA MICROSOFT: the introduction of another SIM card, will display the number of attempts remaining on your smartphone
If you have any doubt about the state of your phone, do not hesitate to contact us to accompany you on the process of unlocking.
NON-ACTIVATED PHONES: Be alert to your purchases from private customers, you may find some unactivated phones that contain an existing Google Account or icloud account, or even a security code for using the phone, in which case no refunds will be given. will be done.
If you have any doubt about the state of your phone, do not hesitate to contact us directly. No request for cancellation and refund of order will be accepted.