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Terms and conditions

The general conditions of sale and use are a contract between the user or the visitor Internet (Private or Professional) which is hereinafter referred to as: “Customer” and DEBLOQUETOUSMOBILES (or DTM) which is hereinafter referred to as: “Supplier or DTM “.These terms and conditions apply to the relationship between the customer and the supplier to the exclusion of any other conditions, including those of the Customer. The customer acknowledges the legal and legal capacity to use, sign, contract, order and pay directly and exclusively online with DTM. The customer acting to request the release of a third person, certify hold the rights or authorizations required by the mandate given to him by third parties to represent them.
Services and Uses
DEBLOQUE ALL MOBILE with the website is a service of désimlockage, unblocking of mobile phones. The purpose of the site is the online sale of authorizations and unlocking codes (network unlocking) to enable the customer to use his telephone with any telephone operator of his choice. The customer acknowledges having read these terms and conditions of sale and use of the service before any order and request. The site is accessible, freely and free, and the navigation on the site confirms that the customer accepts the present general conditions of sale and use of the service and that he accepts them fully and entirely, without restriction and without reserve, as soon as his connection to the site. When the customer makes his request online places an order on the website, this acceptance is worth knowing, having read and accepted the general conditions.
“I acknowledge having read and accepted the general conditions of sale”.
For this purpose, the customer confirms his agreement by this electronic signature which replaces in fact his handwritten signature and the customer recognizes the validity of this signature as proof of commitment and no dispute of its approval will be possible in case of dispute.
In case of dispute, the French law applies without restriction and the customer accepts this condition whatever his country of residence or activities.
To place an online request or an order, the customer fills out a form made available on the website, indicating the brand of the phone, selection of the desired service, N IMEI of the phone to unlock and its email address to receive an answer at his request. If he wishes to continue and make his purchase, he indicates on the site all the information requested, by finalizing his request by a secure payment via PayPal or CB.
The delivery time of the code is given as an indication some are instantaneous, but in general it is 24 to 48 working hours. However some phones require longer delays up to 15 days after order, and the delay starts from the validation of the payment and its acceptance. In any case, DTM delivers the code as soon as possible. No refund request can be made for a delay that does not meet customer expectations.
The code will then be sent electronically (Mail). In accordance with the procedure of the operator or the manufacturer of the telephone, this code will enable the unlocking of the telephone corresponding to the request, and in accordance with the instructions for use of the mark of the telephone of the customer to which he refers and which he declares to be in possession. The phone will unlock automatically and immediately after entering the code on the phone.
The customer user (individual or professional), must take into account certain information before placing his order:
-Verify that the phone is well blocked network with an operator x
-To verify that the phone requires a network unlock code not another (no pin code Sim or access code or phone password … ..etc.)
-must check the counter: that is to say there is still a number of attempts to enter the unlock code again.

-It must also know that it is not necessary to reapply if there is already one of made beforehand to its original operator, and that the code provided did not work, because no refund will be granted .
-To verify that his phone does not represent a malfunction (touch screen problem, battery, ignition, button, Sim drive or others … ..) to enter the code received.
– must check the accuracy of N IMEI with the 15 digits and without error and that the phone is clean, not lost or stolen and not blacklisted (blacklist).

Some services offered, are subject to any changes in the content, the price, the delivery time code or authorization, without notice, so it is the duty of the customer user (individual or professional) to check the setting daily services day.

Rigorous attention
The customer can not be refunded in case of error on the information transmitted during the order, because it is impossible for DTM to verify that the information given by the customer is accurate. The customer must check the details of his order before validating the form. The customer will have to pay special attention also if the code or if its manipulation does not allow the operation of his phone, DTM asks not to insist several times. This could cause the phone to hang permanently. The DTM provider invites you to contact him as soon as possible to help you. No refund will be possible in case of blocking the phone due to multiple unsuccessful manipulations. In addition, the provider is not responsible for requests made to unblock a phone when the phone is already unlocked or the phone has a problem on the SIM reader to enter the unlock code, or if the phone has a problem. problem on the network and finally probably the phone concerned is under administrative or financial dispute with the original operator (the operator can block the phone to pass all communications even after unlocking).
Subject to full compliance with the instructions, if the unlock code provided by DTM was inoperative, the Customer may request the refund of his order.
Refund will be made by re-crediting the same PayPal or CB account used for the order, once all verification steps have been completed by DTM.
The refund request is only possible within 7 days after the date of delivery of the code or the release authorization.
In this event, the customer must prove that he has correctly filled in his order, the IMEI number linked to his phone and the code issued by DTM by following the unlocking instructions.
To do this, the Customer must send a video file to DTM at the email address:, doing this in the foreground in front of the camera:
– The customer dials * # 06 # on the phone keypad to display the IMEI visibly on the laptop screen and wait for 5 seconds.
– if a telephone operator has been specified during the order, the video must show the logo of the operator at the start of the phone to identify it clearly or show that a SIM card of said operator is well accepted.
– The customer inserts an unsupported SIM card and films the message that appears on the screen;
– The customer performs the unlocking operation by entering, gently, the unlock code provided.
The code and each key on the keyboard pressed must be clearly visible on the video. If an error message appears, the client must wait 5 seconds to clearly see the error on the screen.
Each of this information must be clearly visible in the video. Any blurry and unspecified video will be rejected instantly. The video must be continuous without interruption (So not in several parts) and it is necessary to leave the visible device so that DTM is certain that it is indeed the phone for which you ordered the code (since the seizure of the code * # 06 # to display the IMEI until you enter the code).
Only videos are accepted, not photos.
No refund can be made on a blacklisted phone (BLACKLIST), doubtful, or if you fraudulently order an unlock for a phone declared lost or stolen. You must verify that this phone is not on this list before placing your order on (Service Check Infos Téléphone).
If all the steps and the steps are carried out and conform to the description given, the pro or particular customer can have its refund within 48 hours minimum or even 7 days maximum, and it depends on the service used and the additional time of the source.
Right to retract
In the context of distance selling, DTM delivers a service of intangible good. There is therefore no time limit or right of withdrawal that can be exercised in this area by the consumer customer, because in order to deliver the service as quickly as possible by DTM, the execution started immediately, with the agreement and payment of the consumer customer.
Any complaint made by the customer must include:
-Order date.
-Date of response.
-Service used.
-Content settled online by CB or PAYPAL.
-Mail used when ordering.
-Your phone number.
The creation of the professional account is done on the site of, with a form that the pro client must complete in full.
Once registration is completed by the pro client, DTM has the obligation to verify the information given (professional client in the mobile phone, computer, phone repair or all professionals in multimedia) and validate the final registration of the client.
DTM validates this professional registration, providing a username and password to access the professional space within 1 hour to 24 hours.
The pro client, once his account is created, can reload his account, for the use of all the services offered, by CB or PAYPAL account.
The minimum charge is 20.00 €. To report as important, any reloading done, validated, does not give right to rectification, even for error, and also any credit not used does not entitle to a credit or refund or refund even partial, ATTENTION !!!.